Modelling of directed crack propagation

in borehole blasting


S. Yahyaoui*, A. Hafsaoui

Faculté des Sciences de la Terre , Département des Mines, Laboratoire: Ressources naturelles et Aménagement,

Université d’Annaba  BP.12 - Algérie

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received: 22 March 2009; revised version accepted: 13 July 2009



     The problem of the growth of two diametrically directed radial cracks from notches in borehole blasting is being discussed. The essence consists in the delaying of the signal coming from the power application centre to the tips of propagating cracks. The applicability of the approach to the description of the process is based on the results of resting comparisons if the given decision with ”purely” quasistatic and dynamic ones which are most precise in describing two asymptotic cases of this process when crack growth rates are correspondingly the lowest and highest. Another method of modelling mechanical effect of rock blasting with the cylindrical charge parallel to the surface is suggested. With the help of this method the study of interconnection between the breakage parameters and blasting strength near the rectilinear free surface was carried out in Plexiglass models.


Keywords: crack propagation; rock fragmentation; modeling; borehole blasting.


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