Synthesis, characterization, and testing of catalysts derived from Mg-Al-CO3 layered double hydroxides


A. Amhoud1*, M. Naciri Bennani2, S. Abouarnadasse2, M. Mbarki1

1 Equipes des Systèmes Chimiques Complexes, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques,

BP 523, Beni Mellal, Maroc

2 Equipe des Matériaux et Catalyse Appliqués,  Laboratoire de Chimie –Biologie Appliquées à l’Environnement,

Faculté des Sciences, BP 11201 Zitoune  Meknès Maroc

* Corresponding author: E-mail:

Received: 22 November 2010; revised version accepted: 18 March 2011



     Layered double hydroxides Mg-Al-CO3 were prepaed according to the standard coprecipitation method with Mg/Al atomic ratio of 3. In order to improve the catalytic performance of these solids, they were treated with KOH solution at different concentrations (0.5N, 1.5N and 3N) under atmospheric pressure at 363 K. The solids obtained were characterised by different physicochemical techniques and decomposed thermally to produce mixed oxide catalysts which were then tested in condensation of benzaldehyde into acetophenone. These catalysts showed high activities reaching 73% selectivity at 52.16% conversion in case of HT3(E, 3N).


Keywords: LDHs; Hydrotalcite; Thermally activated  hydrotalcites; Infrared  spectroscopy;  KOH treatment .

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