M÷ssbauer study of Er(92┼)/Fe(40┼) multilayer

 under external magnetic field


S. El Khiraoui, E. Agouriane, M. Sajieddine*, M. Sahlaoui

LPMM, USMS, FacultÚ des Sciences et Techniques, BP 523, 23000 BÚni-Mellal-Maroc

* Corresponding author: E-mail: sajieddinem@yahoo.fr

Received: 19 April 2011; revised version accepted: 29 June 2011



     Er(92┼)/Fe(40┼) multilayer was deposited by thermal evaporation in a high vacuum and investigated by 57Fe M÷ssbauer spectrometry using special geometry. In this system the magnetic moments are constrained to be in the film plane owing to dominant shape anisotropy. The results show that when the external magnetic field increases, the magnetic moments of erbium, antiferromagnetically coupled with those of iron at the interface, reorient in the direction of the external magnetic field.


Keywords: Magnetic multilayer; Evaporation; Hyperfine interactions; M÷ssbauer spectrometry; External magnetic field.

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