Study of dust characteristics in a magnetized plasma sheath

over a wide range of collisionality


I. Driouch1, H. Chatei1*, M. Elkaouini1, M. El Boujaddaini1, M. Elhammouti2

1 LPMR, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University Mohammed I, BP. 717, 60000 Oujda, Morocco

2 Department of Physics, Multidisciplinary Faculty, University Mohammed I, BP. 300, 62700 Nador, Morocco

* Corresponding author: E-mail:

Received: 28 September2011; revised version accepted: 27 November 2011



    The structure of a magnetized dusty plasma sheath is investigated using the fluid model. The effects of dust-neutral collision force on the sheath characteristics are examined in the general case where the cross section for collisions between the dust and neutrals has a power law dependence on the dust flow velocity. Hot electrons, fluid ions, neutral particles and cold fluid dust grains are taken into account in this system. The model is solved numerically and the sheath characteristics are obtained. The results reveal that the effects of collisions on the dust characteristics are more important when the cross section is constant. However, some parameters such as the electric potential and the electron density distributions are independent of the dependency of the cross-section on the dust flow velocity.


Keywords: Plasma sheath; Dust grains; Collisional plasma; Magnetic field.

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