Estimation the landscaped groupings peripheral

in a motorway section in the eastern Algeria

by a mathematical method


D.  Fadel,  A. Laïfa,  R. Djamaï,  N. Hadjoudja

Laboratoire de Biologie Végétale et Environnement. Université d Annaba- 23000 - Algérie

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received: 26 April 2012; revised version accepted: 17 May 2012



     Under the land use planning, landscape studies are still needed and should be the prelude to any development. If such studies are done with art and appropriately in developed countries, they remain virtually absent in our country. The work we've done on this topic can be considered as a new experience. Indeed estimating landscape groupings peripheral section of motorway connecting Annaba El Hadjar responds to specific questions and achievable on the ground for eventual recovery of components of the landscape, visual field and sequences landscape devices at this section. We have quantified the values of current views from the points of view. The results serve as baseline data to consider when planning this area taking into account certain measures such as conservation groups interesting landscape on a visual level, recovery groups unsightly landscape by ad hoc adjustments and diagnosis on the changing landscape of these groups taking into account the socio-economic developments and their impacts on the environment. Our goal is not to arrive at a value determined the study area but earlier answer any questions on future developments such as changing the route, creating masses wooded location of stations' gasoline.


Keywords: Visual field; Length of the eye; Elements; Highway; Annaba; Algeria.

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