Characterization of variation of thermophysical properties of soil with moisture: silty soil samples

from Agadir region in Morocco


L. Boukhattem1*, H. Hamdi2

1 EnR2E Laboratory, CNEREE, University Cady Ayyad Marrakech, Morocco

2 LMFE CNRST Associated Research Unit (URAC27), FS, University Cady Ayyad Marrakech, Morocco

* Corresponding author: E-mail:

Received: 29 September 2012; revised version accepted: 30 October 2012



     In order to set up a prediction facility for the thermophysical properties of most materials of Agadir area upon knowledge of their water content, an experimental study, according to the water content, has been carried out to determine thermophysical properties of soil samples taken from different sites of the Agadir region in Morocco. The representative samples have been taken from Dcheira, Aourir and Hay Mohammadi locations which contain respectively different types of soil: silty silt, beige silt and calcareous silt. The characterization has been experimentally done by EI700 Device which is specially designed to determine simultaneously the thermal conductivity and diffusivity of the material by the method called "box method". Steady and unsteady state conditions were both used to measure thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity, respectively. Specific heat and thermal effusivity were then calculated. The results of this characterization show that the thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and thermal effusivity, of the characterized samples increase when to the water content of the samples increases. On the contrary, the specific heat of the samples decreases when their water content is increased.


Keywords: Silty soils; Thermal conductivity; Thermal diffusivity; EI700 Device.


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