Characterization of an antimicrobial product

from Pseudomonas putida, associated

with the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis


H. Aassila1*, M. Guyot2, A. Fassouane1

1 Laboratoire de biochimie , Département de biologie, Faculté des sciences,

Université Chouaib Doukkali, B.P 20 ,El Jadida 24000, Maroc

2 Unité MCAM,?UMR 7245 CNRS/MNHN, Dept. RDDM. Case postale 54 (63 rue Buffon) ?57 rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris, France

* Corresponding authors.  E-mail address: aahinde@hotmail

Received: 19 July 2012; revised version accepted: 22 October 2012



     The bacterial strain Pseudomonas putida associated with Mytilus galloprovincialis, isolated from the North-West Moroccan Atlantic Coast, shows interesting antimicrobial activities, both toward pathogenic and icthyopathogic strains.

     Bioassay-guided purification of the ethyl acetate extract of the culture of Pseudomonas putida results in isolation of harman which exhibited significant antimicrobial activity against various Vibrio strains.

Isolation of harman for the second time, by our research team, from an associated marine strain, suggests its microbial origin previously ascribed to marine invertebrates (sponges, ascidians, molluscs….)


Keywords: Pseudomonas putida; Associated bacterium; Mytilus galloprovincialis; Harman; Antimicrobial activities; Vibrio strains.

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