Adsorptive Studies

of ethyl (3-phenyl-6-thioxopyridazin-1(6H)-yl)acetate

as Corrosion Inhibitors for steel in Acidic Medium


A. Ghazoui1, A. Zarrouk1, N. Benchat1, B. Hammouti1*, R. Salghi2, R. Touzani1,3, M. Messali1,4

1 Université Mohammed Premier, Faculté des Sciences,  LCAE-URAC 18,  Oujda-Morocco.

2  Equipe de Génie de l’Environnement et Biotechnologie, ENSA, Université Ibn Zohr, BP1136 Agadir, Morocco. 

3 Université Mohammed Premier, Faculté Pluridisciplinaire Nador-Morocco. 

4Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Taibah University, 30002 Al-Madina Al-Mounawara, Saudi Arabia

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received: 10 June 2013; revised version accepted: 11 October 2013



     The inhibition effect of new pyridazin namely ethyl (3-phenyl-6-thioxopyridazin-1(6H)-yl)acetate (GP3) on mild steel has been investigated using weight loss measurements  in 1.0 M HCl at 30 - 50°C. The adsorption of this inhibitor was well described by the Langmuir adsorption isotherm and the adsorption isotherm parameters (Kads, ) were also determined. Effect of temperature on the efficiency of the corrosion inhibition process was studied and the values of activation energy, pre-exponential factor (A), enthalpy of activation and entropy of activation were also calculated to elaborate the mechanism of corrosion inhibition.


Keywords: Mild steel; Corrosion; Thermodynamic; Pyridazin derivative; Adsorption; HCl.

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