Real time implementation

of a single sideband (SSB) modulation/demodulation

in a C6713 DSP based autonomous card


A. Wahbi1*, R. Elgouri2, M. Benbrahim2, L. Hlou1

1Electrical Engineering and Energy System Laboratory, Faculty of Science,

University Ibn Tofail, B.P. 133, Kenitra 14000, Morocco

2National School of Applied Sciences, University Ibn Tofail, B.P. 241. Kenitra, Morocco  

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received: 08 May 2013; revised version accepted: 07 October 2013



     In this paper a module consisting of a single sideband (SSB) modulation/demodulation is implemented and verified on a digital signal processor (DSP) TMS320C7613 for controlling an embedded target application. The main scope of this paper is to demonstrate that this module might be implemented by using a single and autonomous DSP board. In this work, the local carrier is generated within the C6713 DSP, this propriety is an advantage for any applications using the generation of periodic signals using the C6713 DSK, especially when generating sinusoidal or triangular waveforms. The needed code for DSP is generated in code composer environment using C language. At the experimental part, result of implementation phase verifies that implemented module is similar to simulation result.


Keywords: DSB-SC signal; Local Carrier; SSB signal; Real-time implementation; Digital Filters; DSK C6713.

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