O. Berradi1, R. Ghailane2, M. Belfaquir1*, M. S. Elyoubi1*

1 Laboratoire des Matériaux, Electrochimie et Environnement, Université Ibn Tofail, Faculté des Sciences Kénitra - Maroc.

2 Laboratoire de synthèse organique, organométallique et théorique, Université Ibn Tofail, Faculté des Sciences, Kenitra - Maroc.

* Corresponding author. E-mail:;

Received: 25 December 2013; revised version accepted: 14 February 2014



     In this study we determined the structure of tetrabutylammonium hexachlorostanate [(C4H9)4N]2SnCl6 compound at room temperature by using the X-ray diffraction on powder. It is crystallized in monoclinic system with a space group P21/n. The DSC analysis showed that this compound present one phase transition at 90.8°C/81°C (on heating/cooling) which may be probably of the first order type. The Raman and IR spectra of this compound were recorded and discussed at room temperature. The optimized geometry of the structure of [(C4H9)4N]2SnCl6 was obtained by HF/STO-3G calculation methods and compared with homologous structure.


Keywords: Tetrabutylammonium Hexachlorostanate; Crystal; Theoretical Analysis; IR and Raman spectra.


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