Effect of using olive mill wastewater

by electrocoagulation process

on the development and germination of tomato seeds


M. Ben Abbou1, 2*, R. Rheribi2, M. El Haji2, Z. Rais3, M. Zemzami4

1 Laboratoire d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Environnement, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques Fès B.P 2202, Maroc.

2Laboratoire des Ressources Naturelles et Environnement, Faculté Poly disciplinaire de Taza,

Boite Postale 1223 Taza Gare, Maroc. E-mail : mounia.elhaji4@gmail.com

3Laboratoire d’ Ingénierie d’électrochimie, de Modélisation et d’Environnement, Faculté des Sciences Dhar El Mahraz, B.P 1796 Atlas, 30000 Fès Maroc. E-mail : raiszakia@yahoo.fr

4Laboratoire de Géoressources et Environnement, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques Fès 2202, Maroc.

* Corresponding author. E-mail: Benabbou.md@gmail.com

Received: 08 May 2014; revised version accepted: 26 October 2014



     Olive mill wastewaters (OMW) are a source of environmental pollution: pollution of surface water and groundwater, soil and air, if they are exposed in OMW evaporation ponds, where the need for treatment or their valorization. The valorization is performed by an application on tomato seeds to evaluate their germination. The germination test performed at different concentrations of OMW, to determine the optimal dose for the germination of tomato seeds, helped to highlight that raw OMW can inhibit germination, while the more diluted OMW more germination is important. Another method is added to the treatment of OMW is electrocoagulation to generate coagulants from the energy supplied by electricity. The treatment improves the properties of the OMW, the more remarkable is that: the color becomes less intense than that of OMW untreated, a reduction of 5-day biological oxygen demand (BOD5), chemical oxygen demand (COD), phosphorus, etc. This treatment has a positive effect on the germination of tomato seeds, which reached 62% compared to diluted OMW at 25%.


Keywords: Olive mill wastewater; Electrocoagulation, tomato seeds; Germination; Valorization



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