Validation of Kaniennenís rule for fissured Co-Cr pieces used for adjoint prosthesis and calculation of their critical parameters


A. Essakhi1, A. Boulezhar1,  Kh. Elboussiri2*

1 Laboratory of theoretical and applied physics, Faculty of Sciences Ain Chock, Casablanca,, Morocco

2 Group of Metallic Biomaterials, Faculty of Medical Dentistry, Casablanca, Morocco.

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received: 03 October 2014; revised version accepted: 09 November 2014



    We have proposed the calculation of the intensity of constraint factor (ICF) for the fissured isotropic material in Co-Cr used in adjoint prosthesis. The used piece is minimized by a minimizing coefficient with relation to a DCB piece; by the field displacement method which we compared to Kaneinnenís rule for different fissures lengths. The compared results between the two ablained methods show the targeted approach. Inspired by a program of finite elements of FORTRAN group, we have proposed a study on the isotropic Co-Cr material comportment while of overloading. At first, we have applied a criterion of preliminary fissures on the material above mentioned. This criterion consisted of taking the maximal charge just when the constraint of fissure breaches its ultimate value. Once we dispose of the critical charge, and the critical displacement, we carry out the calculation of the critical intensity of constraint factor, the rate of the critical restitution of energy and Riceís critical integral.


Keywords: Cobalt-Chrome; Intensity of constraint factor; Kaneinnenís rule; Field displacement method; Critical intensity of constraint factor;  Rate of the critical restitution energy ; Riceís critical integral.



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