On charge accumulation at the p/n junction

of c-Si (n) /a-SiC:H (p+) heterojunction solar cell

M. Rahmouni, R. Mostefaoui*

Laboratoire de Physique des Plasma et Matériaux Conducteurs et leurs

Applications. Université des Sciences et Technologie M.B.Oran, Algérie

* Corresponding author. E-mail: r_boubekri@yahoo.fr

Received : 25 May 2004; revised version accepted :14 May 2005


The photovoltaic effect is a result of the barrier height variation under illumination. The goal of this work is to improve the solar cell conversion efficiency, which is why we investigate a new solar cell heterostructure to understand all the mechanisms that are responsible for the photocurrent of the cell. In this study we present a (n) c-Si / (p+)a-SiC :H heterostructure solar cell. The p/n junction formation process in such a cell leads to a discontinuity of the valence and conduction bands at the interface which governs the carrier transport mechanisms. We discus the following mechanisms : The Drift- diffusion ( Anderson model) , the thermoionic emission ,the generation-recombination at the interface and study the temperature, illumination and doping effect on the solar cell current.

Keywords: Solar cell; Heterojunction; Crystalline Silicon; Amorphous Silicon; Photovoltaic.

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