Chemical durability and viscosity of salt free aqueous solutions of vitreous Al2O3-MoO3-P2O5 and related glasses

L. Abbas1, L. Bih1*, A. Nadiri2

1 UFR-PCMI : Céramiques et Verres, Equipe Sciences des Matériaux, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques Errachidia,

B.P 509, Boutalamine, Errachidia, Maroc

2 UFR-SMI, Faculté des Sciences de Meknes, B.P 4010, Bni M’hamed, Méknes Maroc

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received: 08 February 2005; revised version accepted: 14 October 2005


The preparation and the viscosity studies in salt free aqueous solutions of the glasses belonging to A2O3-MoO3-P2O5 (A=Al, Fe) systems are investigated. Their number average molecular weights were determined by end group titration. Intrinsic viscosities were determined in salt free aqueous solutions and were correlated with their molecular weight. For each glass sample the root mean square end-to-end distance was deduced.

Keywords : Aluminium; Iron; Molybdenum; Phosphate; Glasses; Viscosity; Chemical durability.

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