Kinetics of degradation of photodegradable polyethylene films by the elongation at break method

D. Fadel*, A. Laïfa, R. Djamaï

Sciences faculty, Department of Biology, University of Annaba - 23000 - Algeria

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received: 26 July 2005; revised version accepted: 25 September 2005


The important factor in the use of degradable films for agriculture is the rigorous control of the change in the mechanical properties. The film has to play its role before the fixed time of degradation.

This is the case of Ende plast process (low density polyethylene stabilized with iron stearates) for the agricultural film on which the mechanical tests have been performed after season aging on " chevalet " and ground.

Keywords: Ende plast - Elongation at break - Photodegradation – Chevalet – Ground - Polymer.

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