The use of advanced micro-electrodes

for simultaneous measuring of local velocity

and concentration in liquid flows


A. Meghebbar1*, H. J. Begorre2

1 Université Abou Bakr Belkaid, Faculté des Sciences de l’Ingénieur, Tlemcen, Algérie

2 Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy C.R.A.N, France

* Corresponding author.

Received:26 October 2005; revised version accepted: 07 July 2006



     The measurements of the local velocity and the concentration of electro actives species with a same electrode, by special requirements of excitation of electro-chemical cell and the polargraphic signal processing, are presented. At the half wave potential, for high enough frequencies, it is possible to measure at the same time the concentration and the local velocity with the mean current in a period. An electronic specific system gives in real time these both signals. This technique of digital signal processing and the use of special microprocessors have been developed. This system has been designed to process the signals coming from double electrodes and to make the correlations required to obtain the turbulent coefficient of the diffusion. The principle has been tested for various concentrations on a wave after a local injection of a more concentrated reactive.


Keywords: Sensor intelligent systems; Signal processing; Electrochemistry; Fluid-mechanics; Microprocessors.

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