A simple and efficient procedure

for calculating the tuning values of exponential chip

weighting waveforms in DS/CDMA


Y. Jabrane1*, B. Ait Es Said1, N. Naja2

1 Department of physics, Faculty of Sciences Cadi Ayyad University Po. Box: 2390,

Marrakesh 40001, Morocco

 2 National institute of poste and telecommunications Av Allal Al Fassi,

Madinat Al Irfane- Rabat-Instituts, Morocco

* Corresponding author. E-mail: y.jabrane@ucam.ac.ma

Received: 03 April 2006; revised version accepted: 30 October 2006



     In order to improve the performances of Direct Sequence Codes Division Multiple Access DS/CDMA system, the despreading sequences weighted by expnential chip weighting waveforms are used to combat Multiple Access Interferences (MAI). In this paper we suggest a simple method who makes easy the determination of  the most adequate spreading codes in the given code set. Numerical results show that these codes being determined, their use gives good results while calculating the Bit Error Rate (BER).


Keywords: DS/CDMA; MAI; Exponential chip waveforms; Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio (SINR); The most adequate codes; BER.

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