Design and characteristics

of blue Nitride multi-quantum Well and SCH-SQW Lasers


B. Bouabdallah1*, B. Benichou1, R. Menezla1, K. Bousbahi2

1 Laboratoire de modélisation des composants et conception de circuits.

Département d’Electronique. Université Djillali Liabès de Sidi Bel Abbès. 22000 Algérie.

2 Laboratoire d’optoélectronique, Département d’Electronique.

Université d’Oran U.S.T.O. B.p. 1505, el M’nouar, Oran. Algérie.

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received: 25 December 2005; revised version accepted:14 December 2006



     We have calculated the gain current characteristics for a 0.34mm wavelength, 100 ? GaN/Ga0.8Al0.2N as compared with a GaN/Ga0.8Al0.2N multi-quantum well and SCH single quantum well in order to see in part the gain and the threshold current characteristics dependence on the geometrical parameters of the structure, and in other part, to try to get optimal values of the gain threshold characteristics by enhancing the gain and opting for reduced values of the threshold current. It is seen in this study that a mean to reduce the threshold current density, is to work with MQW and SCH structures. As interesting result, we have find that less than 80 ? active layer thickness is necessary to realize a compromise between the quantum well number and the threshold current density, which can be more less than that in the case of  SQW (i.e. working with MQW). This later is limited by the confinement factor which can be either reduced leading to weak  quantum efficiency. We have also tried to find the composition of the layer can be used in order to emit in blue.


Keywords : GaInN/GaAlN/SiC; Threshold current density;  SCH-SQW; Lattice mismatch.

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