Numerical method applied to the nondestructive characterization of the cracks in the roadways


A.  Elballouti, S. Belattar*

Laboratory of Electronics, Instrumentation and Processing of the Signal

Faculty of Sciences, 24000 El Jadida, Morocco

* Corresponding author.

Received: 13 December 2006; revised version accepted: 19 March 2007



     This article proposes numerical simulations for the thermal nondestructive characterization. It relates to the thermal nondestructive study of defects of cracks type in the roadways. The model used is a semi-rigid roadway containing cracks of various positions and sizes. The thermal behavior of the roadway, according to geometrical and thermophysical parameters of the defect, is analyzed. A constant density of heat flow is applied to the higher face of the wearing layer of the roadway, the face of lower part of the base layer being maintained at a constant temperature. The influence of the various geometrical parameters of the defect (size, thickness and position) is studied and the thermographical image of the entry face is simulated then analyzed. The numerical method adopted for the resolution of this problem is that of the finite elements.


Keyword: Finite elements; Cracks; Heat transfer; Thermal nondestructive characterization; Semi-rigid roadways.

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