Effect of Cerium doping on dielectric and structural properties of sol-gel processed (Ba1-xSrx)(Ti1-yCey)O3


M. Ez-Zejjari1,2, S. Sayouri1*, A. Alimoussa3, H. Ahamdane4,

K. Bouayad1, T. Lamcharfi1,5, Y. Benjelloun1

1 LPTA, Département de Physique, Faculté des Sciences DM, BP 1796, Fès-Atlas.

2 EST, Route d’Immouzer B.P 2427, Fès, Maroc

3 Université Cadi Ayad Faculté des Sciences Gueliz Marrakech, Maroc

4 Université Cadi Ayad Faculté des Sciences Semlalia B.P 2390 –Marrakech, Maroc

5 Faculté des Sciences et Technique Saiss Fès

* Corresponding author. E-mail:ssayouri@yahoo.com

Received: 12 December 2006; revised version accepted: 21 April 2007



     The effect of doping sol gel processed (Ba1-XSrX)TiO3  (BST) samples with Cerium (Ce) , on both structural and dielectric properties, is investigated. XRD measurements show that the samples crystallize in a pseudo cubic phase with the presence of secondary phases. SEM Micrographs revealed that introduction of Ce decreases the grain size; the latter is quite uniform. Moreover, Ce reduces the permittivity of the samples, and an anomaly is observed above 300°C.


Keywords: Barium strontium titanate(BST); BST: Ce;  Structural and dielectric properties; Phase transition; Perovskite.

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