Synthesis of Imidazolines and Imidazoles Derivatives

from 1,2-Diamines and N-Substituted Imidates


K. Sindi1, P. H. Kahn2, M. T. Kaddachi1*

1 Faculty of Sciences, Department of Chemistry, 6072 Gabes,Tunisia

2 ITODYS (UMR 7086 – CNRS – Université Denis Diderot), 1, Rue Guy de la Brosse 75005 Paris, France

* Corresponding author.

Received: 16 May 2006; revised version accepted: 23 February 2007




     The synthesis of functionalized imidazoles derivatives and imidazolines from the reactions of N-substituted imidates with 1,2-diamines is reported.


Keywords: N-substituted imidates; 1,2-diamines; Imidazole; Imidazoline.

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