Effect of the impurities on the collective mode

of a one-dimensional charge density wave compound


M. Qjani, A. Arbaoui, Y. Boughaleb

 Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée , Université Chouaib Doukkali,

Faculté des Sciences, B.P  20, 24000 El Jadida,, Maroc

 Corresponding author. E-mail : mqjani@yahoo.fr

Received : 26 August 2005; revised version accepted:18 January 2008



     We present in this work a numerical study of  the dynamic of a one-dimensional incommensurate Charge Density Waves (CDW) system driven by a uniform electrical field through random pinning centers in the weak pinning limit. The results show that the system’s response presents a spatially inhomogeneous regime, which reflects the co-existence of pinned and sliding regions in the system, and a threshold field  above which the CDW is depinned from the impurities centers. In a wide range of impurities concentration (ci ), the threshold field  obeys a  law .


Keywords : Low dimensional compounds; Charge density waves ; Weak pining limit ;  Fakuyama-Lee-Rice model; Threshold field, Metastable state.

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