Mössbauer study of evaporated Fe/Gd multilayers


A. Razouk, M. Sajieddine*, E. Agouriane and M. Sahlaoui

Laboratoire de Physique et Mécanique des Matériaux, Université Sultan Moulay Slimane,

FST-BM,B.P 523, 23000 Béni-Mellal, Maroc

* Corresponding author. E-mail: sajieddinem@yahoo.fr

Received: 02 October 2007; revised version accepted: 27 February 2008



     Multilayers composed of two magnetic constituents, iron and gadolinium, were prepared by means of alternate deposition in ultrahigh vacuum at fixed temperature Ts = 90K. These multilayers with constant tGd = 47Å and varied tFe in the range 15-40Å are studied by transmission 57Fe Mössbauer spectrometry in the temperature range 4.2-300K. For tFe = 15 and 20Å, the 57Fe Mössbauer spectra are typical of a disordered magnetic FexGd1-x. For tFe= 40Å, the spectrum is composed by two components, a principal component relative to bcc iron present in the core of the layers and a second one with a reduced hyperfine field is attributed to iron atoms located at the interface. For this sample, the magnetization lies in the plane of the layers independently of the temperature measurement.


Keywords: Multilayers; 57Fe Mössbauer spectrometry; Interface; Iron; Gadolinium.

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