The refractive index investigation

of ion implanted KNbO3 waveguides


I. Benaïssa*,  A. Belaidi, S. Hiadsi

Processing Surface and Materials Studies Laboratory

University of Sciences and Technology Mohamed Boudiaf, 31000 Oran, Algeria.

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received: 22 November 2007; revised version accepted: 26 February 2008



     The technique of ion implantation has proven to be well suited for the formation of permanent waveguides in KNbO3, where structural phase transitions and chemical inertness have rendered the formation of KNbO3 thin films that possess the favorable nonlinear optical properties of the bulk crystal, very challenging or even impossible. In the present work, optical waveguides were fabricated by He+ ion implantation with ion dose of 7.5x1014 cm-2 and ion energy of 2.9MeV. To optimize the design of the waveguide in KNbO3, a numerical computation is set to correlate the index profile with the implantation parameters. The aim is to obtain further information about several free parameters like radiation damage involved in the model so that our understanding of the process of waveguide formation in this anisotropic material can be extended not only in the limiting cases, but also for situations that are more general.


Keywords: Ion implantation; Potassium Niobate; Optical waveguides.

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