Induced force between colloids immersed

in ternary polymer solutions


M. El Yaznasni1, H. Ridouane1, E.-K. Hachem1, M. Benhamou1*, N. Chafi2, M. Benelmostafa2

1 Laboratoire de Physique des Polymères et Phénomènes Critiques

Faculté des Sciences Ben M’sik, Université Hassan II-Mohammedia

P.B. 7955, Sidi Othman, Casablanca, Morocco

2 Groupe de Physique des Polymères, Département de Physique

 Faculté des Sciences, Université Mohamed Premier, Oujda, Morocco

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received: 27 February 2006; revised version accepted: 28 December 2006



     We consider here an assembly of colloidal particles immersed in a ternary polymer solution made of two chemically incompatible polymers and a good solvent. We assume that, near the consolute point of the free mixture, the colloids prefer to be attracted by one of the two polymers. This is the critical adsorption. As consequence, the particles experience an attractive force due to the critical fluctuations of composition, and then, they are aggregated in the non-preferred phase. Using field theory, we compute the induced force, as a function of the inter-particle distance. Finally, the obtained result must be compared to that relative to binary polymer mixtures.


Keywords : Ternary polymer solutions; Colloids; Aggregation; Induced forces.

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