Instrumental neutron activation analysis

of milk samples using the k0-Standardization method

at Es-Salam research reactor


L. A. Hamidatou1*, S. Khaled1, M. Mouzai1, B. Zouranen1, A. Ararem1, A. Alghem1, M. Ramdhane2

1 Centre de Recherche Nucléaire de Birine, BP180, Ain oussera 17200, W. Djelfa, Algeria

2 Department of physics, Mentouri University, 25000 Constantine, Algeria

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received: 05 December 2006; revised version accepted: 02 April 2008



     In recent years, the k0-NAA has been applied and developed at Es-Salam research reactor (Algeria). This paper focuses on the application of the k0 method of instrumental neutron activation analysis in Nutritional and Health-Related Environmental field. Three kinds of powder milk were analyzed using    k0-NAA method. Concentrations of six elements Br, Ca, K, Na, Rb and Zn have been determined by long irradiation time with a thermal and epithermal flux of 4.7.1012–2.s–1 and 2.29.1011–2.s–1, respectively. The reactor neutron spectrum and detection efficiency calibration parameters such as a, f and  ep have been used for the calculation of  elemental concentrations. The accuracy of the measurements was evaluated by analyzing two SRMs Whey powder AIEA-155 and Milk powder AIEA-153. The analysis results showed that the deviations between experimental and certified values were mostly less than 10%.


Keywords: k0-NAA; calibration parameters; Research reactor; Gamma spectrometer; Standardization; SRM.

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