Modelling of the guided ultrasonic propagation

in cylindrical porous layer-substrate structures.

Application to the ultrasonic non destructive testing

of porous coating of cylindrical walls


M. El Ouahdani1, H. Rhimini1, B. Bougaze1, M. Sidki1*, A. Nassim2

1Equipe d’acoustique et vibration Département de Physique,

2 Equipe d’optique appliquée  Département de Physique

Faculté des Sciences, route Ben Maâchou,  BP20, 24000 El Jadida

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received: 12 July 2007; revised version accepted:15 April 2008



     Our research work deals with the modeling of the ultrasonic guided propagation in cylindrical porous layer-substrate structure aiming to find the dispersion curves of the structure and the displacements field in the structure. The obtained dispersion curves permitted to determine the propagation modes in the structure while the displacements field found determine the energy repartition of these modes in the structure. In the other hand, we analyzed the effect of the porosity of the layer as well as the impact of the layer-substrate adherence quality on the dispersion modes. The industrial application aimed by our study is the ultrasonic non-destructive control of the porous coating of cylindrical walls used as mechanical and thermal barrier.


Keywords: ultrasonic; circumferential waves; displacement; dispersion relation; adherence quality.

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