Thermal Degradation Study and Determination of The Kinetic Parameters of a Naturally Aged Polypropylene


M. Darhouri1, M. Rjeb1,2, A. Rjeb1, S. Sayouri1*

1Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Appliquée, Faculté des Sciences Dhar El Mahraz,

Université Sidi Med Ben Abdallah BP 1796 Fès Atlas, Maroc

2 Laboratoire de Physique Corpusculaire, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques,

Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah BP 2202 Fès , Maroc

* Corresponding author. E-mail: /

Received: 16 February2008; revised version accepted: 31 July 2008



     The thermal degradation of three samples of polypropylene (PP) has been studied using thermogravimetry (TG). Two samples were naturally aged during 60 and 80 days, exposed to either to both solar radiations and rain effects, and the third was kept as a reference. Kinetic parameters related to the degradation process have been deduced with the help of the standard Arrhenius law and the results obtained compared to those of the literature.


Keywords: Polypropylene; Aging; TG; Activation energy.

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