Chemical Composition of Fatty Acids and Sterols

from tunicates Cynthia Savignyi, Cynthia Squamulata

and from the brown alga Cystoseira Tamariscifolia


S. Maoufoud1*, A. Abourriche1, M. Charrouf1, Y. Abboud1, T. Ainane1, T. Saffaj1,  

H. Morsli1, A. Bennamara1, C. Francisco2

1Laboratoire  Biomolécules et Synthèse Organique, Faculté des Sciences Ben M'Sik, BP 7955,

Université HASSAN II Casablanca, Maroc

2Groupe Biomolécules, URA 612, Centre de Phytopharmacie,

52 avenue de villeneuve, 66860, Perpignan cedex, France

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received : 02 January 2006; revised version accepted: 28 September 2008



     The fatty acids and sterols composition of the marine tunicates C.Savignyi, C.Squamulata and the brown alga C.Tamariscifolia are reported from the Moroccan Atlantic Ocean. From all the fatty acids identified the acid C16:0 is present at high concentration in the two tunicates. And also the tunicates contain various C27, C28 and C29 sterols with cholesterol as the main sterol. In the brown alga C. tamariscifolia, the fatty acid C14:0 is predominant and Fucosterol is the main sterol present in this alga.


Keywords: C. Savignyi; C. Squamulata; tunicate; C.Tamariscifolia; alga; Atlantic Ocean; fatty acid; sterols; composition.

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