Simulation of the Sputtering-Yield Energy

in Beam-Surface Irradiation


B. Abidri1*, F.Z. Benkenfoud2, M. Elchikh1, S. Hiadsi1

1-Laboratoire de microscopie électronique, Université des Sciences et  de Technologie d’Oran,  Algeria

2-IAP/Centre d’Arzew, Bp 172, Ain-El-Bia, Oran, Algeria

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received: 02 July 2008; revised version accepted: 29 September 2008



    Monte Carlo simulations have proved to be essential in the study of the irradiation of metallic surfaces by ion beam. The SRIM code has been largely used in the last two decades with globally satisfactory results. In particular, as we will show in this paper, the SRIM code enables to obtain empirical fit formulae for the relative sputtering threshold-energy versus the ratio of surface atom mass to ion mass (Ms / Mi). We also compare our results with those obtained by other authors and note that the formulae we propose fits better the data.


Keywords: threshold energy; sputtering; interaction potential; Monte Carlo simulation; SRIM code.

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