Triplet-exciton annihilation in the paraterphenyle crystal

L. Hachani*, M.Mejatty, R. Belaïd, H. Bouchriha

Faculté des Sciences de Tunis- Département de physique

1060- Tunis- Tunisie

* Corresponding author. E-mail :

Received 20 November 2000


The anisotropy of the delayed fluorescence in a magnetic field of paraterphenyle crystal at 300°K is analysed using Suna's theory. For the first time a thorough comparison of the experimental results and Suna's theory has been made in a molecular crystal other than anthracene. We demonstrate that a reasonable fit can, however, be obtained if spin relaxation is properly taken into account.

Keywords: Delayed fluorescence; Annihilation; Density matrix; Hopping model; Resonance; Spin relaxation.

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