Determination of drain current saturation attenuation for short channel MOSFETs

  1. El Abbassi, Y. Amhouche, R. Rmaily, K. Raïs *

    Laboratoire de Caractérisation des Composants à Semi-conducteurs, Université Chouaib Doukkali

  2. P. 20, EL Jadida- Morocco

* Corresponding author. E-mail :

Received 17 February 2000; revised version accepted 12 April 2001



Carrier saturation velocity is one of the most important device parameters in determining the performance of the enhancement MOSFETs. Therefore, the saturation of drain current Idsat in short channel MOS devices is caused by the carrier velocity saturation. For the linear region device characteristics, the dependence of inversion layer mobility on the gate field is important and it has been extensively studied. For the saturation region characteristics Idsat of short channel MOSFET's, the scattering limited carriers velocity vsat, is of a dominant importance. As a result, the non ohmic characteristic of devices is severely reduced. In this work, a plausible explanation is provided for the reduction of drain current saturation Idsat.

Keywords: MOSFETs; Velocity Saturation; CLM; DIBL; Pinch off.

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