[M=Mn, Ni, Co] [n=1,6]

M. Touaiher1*, K Rissouli1, K. Benkhouja1, M.Taibi2, J. Aride2,

A. Derory3, J.P. Lambour3, M. Drillon3

1 G. M. C. M -L. P. C. M., Faculté des sciences Universié chouaib Doukkali

24000, El Jadida (Maroc)

2L. P. C. M., E. N. S, Takaddoum, B. P: 5118, Rabat (Maroc)

3L. P. C. M.S., G.M.I., 23 rue de Loses, B.P. 20/CR 67037, Strasbourg (France)

* Corresponding author. E-mail :

Received 24 November 2000; revised version accepted 18 April 2001


We report in this paper the preparation and the magnetic properties of transition metal hydrated ammonium orthophosphates NH4MPO4.H2O [M=Mn, Co, Ni] [n=1,6], which display, according to the metal ion, either antiferromagnetic (Mn and Co ) or weak ferromagnetic (Ni) interactions. In this study we present the thermodynamic measurements and we try to relate the structural feature of those compounds to their properties.

Keywords: Hydrated ammonium orthophosphates; Antiferromagnetism; Weak ferromagnetism.

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