Isotopic and geochemical modelling

for groundwater SYSTEMS:

Application to a moroccan south atlasique aquifer

S. Bouhlassa*, A. Aiachi

Laboratoire de Radiochimie, Faculté des Sciences, BP 1014, Rabat, Morocco

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received : 30 July 2001; revised version accepted 28 January 2002


This paper aims to model the isotopic and geochemical behaviour of groundwater in Guelmime aquifer at south-west of Morocco. The NETPATH code, which can be used for chemical speciation, mass balance and isotope balance along a flow path in groundwater systems, is discussed at some length and applied to aquifer field data. The obtained results allow us to determine the plausible reactions that control the geochemical evolution and to reveal two great systems of reactions using the paths of reaction: i) a first opened-system of reaction, in which the chemistry of aquifer is controlled by carbon dioxide, and ii) a second which is closed, where the chemistry of the aquifer is controlled only by the interactions water - rock: recrystallization of carbonates and dissolution of silicates.


Keywords: Isotope; Geochemistry; Modelling; Simulation; NETPATH; Speciation; Mass balance; Guelmime; Aquifer.

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