Study of progressively charged dielectric material

by X-ray emission

S. Fakhfakh1*, K. Raouadi2, Z. Fakhfakh1

1laboratoire de microscopie électronique, faculté des sciences de sfax (3018), Tunisia

2laboratoire des matériaux, organisation et propriétés département de physique, faculté des sciences de tunis,Tunisia

* Corresponding author. E-mail :

Received : 20 June 2001; revised version accepted 31 January 2002


The charging phenomena of dielectrics caused by irradiation have attracted much interest in recent years, due in part to the increasing usage of dielectric materials in irradiation environments. We are interested to a dielectric, coated by a thin metallic layer and progressively charged by an electron beam.

We use the Microanalysis X-ray method which allows a detailed and non-destructive analysis of their charging up properties. monte-Carlo simulation is investigated to calculate the X-ray emission emanating from the dielectric. The X-ray emission is evaluated from the function. We simulate this function for different quantities of implanted charge.

Keywords : Microanalysis ; Dielectric ; Monte-Carlo simulation.

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