Elaboration et caractérisation

de la Structure SnO2/Si(PS)

R. Outemzabet*, N. Kesri

Laboratoire de Semiconducteurs, Institut de Physique

1U.S.T.H.B.,Bab-Ezzouar,B.P. 32, Alger, Algérie

* Corresponding author. E-mail : oratiba@hotmail.com

Received 20 November 2001; revised version accepted :11 February 2002


The aim of this work is to fabricate SnO2/Si(PS) structures. Porous silicon (PS) layers are formed by anodisation of silicon in a hydrofluoric acid solution. N type silicon samples are macroporous and p type are microporous. On the top of the silicon substrate, a thin transparent tin dioxide layer SnO2 is deposited by chemical vapor deposition (CVD), at various deposition temperatures ranging from 350°C to 420°C. The back surface of the wafers as being metallised before the anodisation procees we electrically characterize these structures from the courant-tension characteristic for different anodisation and deposition conditions.

Keywords : Porous silicon; Tin dioxide; CVD method.

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