Efficient Analysis of Anisotropic Microstrip lines

with Substrates with Arbitrarily Varying Thickness

by the TLM Method

S. Ahyoud*, A. El Moussaoui, M. Essaaidi, M. Khalladi

Electronics & Microwaves Group,

Department of physics, Faculty of Sciences,Abdelmalek Essaadi University,

P. O. Box 2121,Tetuan 93000, Morocco

Phone: 212 061 72 59 92Fax: 212 039 99 45 00

* Corresponding author. E-mail : Sahyoud@hotmail.com

Received : 06 May 2002; revised version accepted : 25 October 2002


The symmetrical condensed node TLM method is used for the analysis of microstrip lines with anisotropic substrates of arbitrary varying thickness. The numerical results presented here permit to illustrate the effects of the individual tensor elements of the anisotropic substrate on the behavior of the resonant frequency. The validity of the obtained results is proved by comparisons with those obtained from the literature.

Keywords: Arbitrarily shaped substrate; TLM method; Resonant frequency.

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