Trapping phenomenon of electric charges in MgO: Anderson States

O. Hachicha, A. boughariou, N. Dammak*, A. Kallel, Z. Fakhfakh

LaMaCoP, Faculté des Sciences de Sfax, Route de Soukra Km 3 , BP 802 ,CP 3018 Sfax ,Tunisia

* Corresponding author E-mail :

Received : 30 April 2002; revised version accepted : 20 December 2002


Through recent studies, it was admitted that trapping phenomenon is taking place on specific sites such as : impurities, vacancies, dislocations etc. The model of impurities states and Anderson states can analyse respectively the trapping and the diffusion of charges in ceramics. We study in this paper the polishing effect on the charge trapping phenomena in a single crystal of magnesium oxide (MgO). The quantity of trapped charge is determined using the mirror method and the absorbed current method.

Keywords : Crystals; Defects; MgO; Trapping.

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