Study of evolution of the thermal phase

at low energy in stainless steel

F. Z. Benkenfoud1, S. Hiadsi2 , A. Zanoun3, A. Belaidi3*

1 SH/IAP/Arzew,B.P 172 Ain El Bia 31230 Oran, Algérie
2 Université des Science et de Technologie d'Oran, USTO, BP 1505, Oran, Algérie
3 Ecole Normale Supérieure de l'Enseignement Technique, ENSET, BP 1523 EL-M'naouer, Oran 31000 Algérie
* Corresponding author. Email:

Received : 26 February 2003; revised version accepted :10 September 2003


The objective of this work is to give some insight of the physics of the basic phenomena involved in gas-surface interactions in the of low collision energies regime, delineate similarities and differences with our simulation and other experiment results involving similar projectile and to apply the knowledge gained to the solution of real-world problems. We follow the dynamics of the impact of low energy oxygen ion on carbon surface steel.

We study physical processes taking place during the interaction of oxygen ion particle with carbon steel surface. In particular, examining the scattering dynamics of ions/surface collisions reveals a diversity of relevant fundamental mechanism. We study inelastic processes such as charge exchange, modification of the surface produced by gazing ion-surface collisions of 0,002 to 100 keV ions with amorphous surface carbon steel.

The elastic scattering of ions is used to study the dynamics of the initial phase of gaseous corrosion, sub - plantation and the mechanisms of thin film growing.

Keywords : Elastic scattering; Gas-surface interactions; Low energy.

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