Performances of Data and Reservation Streams

for Digital Networks

R. El Kouch*

National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, PO Box: 6241. Rabat-Instituts, Rabat, Morocco

* Corresponding author. E-mail :

Received : 11 December 2003; revised version accepted : 15 March 2004


Current data models mostly fail to capture the rich type systems used in data representations and fail to capture the constraints. FDM (Frequency Division Multiplexing) has provided useful way of thinking about this, but this is not enough..

In this paper, by using stochastic process tools, our aim is to calculate the expected packet delay for an FDM Frame model with perfect information. Two streams are considered: One for data and the other one for reservations. Poisson distribution with rate is assumed. We argue that Bernoulli's description is approximately equivalent to a Poisson process (especially for small). Little’s theorem is applied in order to compute the expected delay of the packets transmission.

We also look at the equation for average delay with respect to the channel traffic rate Gt , the number of reservation per mini-slot k, for several different values of the parametersand . By using Matlab software, results are interpreted; few suggestions for future work in this area are given..

Keywords: Reservation; FDM Frame; Poisson Process; Bernoulli Process; Little’s theorem: Markov chain; Queuing theory.

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