non-linear Marangoni convection of an electrically conducting fluid layer submitted to an ac. electric field

A. Douiebe1, M. Hannaoui1*, A. Benaboud1, G. Lebon2, A. Khmou1

1 Université Moulay Ismail, Faculté des Sciences, Département de Physique, B.P. 4010, Meknes , Morocco

2 Université de Liège, service de Thermomécanique des Phénomènes Irréversible,B5 Sart Tilman, Liège Belgique

* Corresponding author . E-mail :

Received : 22 January 2004; revised version accepted : 27 May 2004


Non linear thermal convection driven by surface tension in a thin layer of electrically conducting fluid submitted to an a.c. electric field and heated from below is studied. The present analysis, based on the amplitude method, amplifies previous results on the electro hydrodynamic convection obtained by other authors [1-6]. Our objective is to discuss the amplitude equations and the influence of an a.c. electric field on the competition between hexagons and rolls.

Keywords : Marangoni convection; Electro-hydrodynamic; Nonlinearity.

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