Theoretical approach of tissular ablation by lasers

S. Bouzid*, L. Baali , A. Bouzid , M. Zeghdar

Faculté de Médecine, Unité de recherche, Châlet des pins, B.P. 125 , 25000 Constantine, Algérie

* Corresponding author . E-mail :

Received : 02 April 2002; revised version accepted : 01 October 2003


Tissular ablation by lasers is a treatment established mainly in all medical fileds, its application varies from microsurgery to tissular ablation, therefore the comprehension and the modelization of physical processus during ablation are still difficult to be formulated theoritically.This work has the aim to treat numerically the tissular ablation by laser, the used model consists the resolution of bio-heat equation and derived energetic equilibrum equation. It is noted that the temperature of interior layers is more higher than the one of the surface, this will able us to predict a rapid explosive ablation of the matter from the free surface the tissue and to determine the depth and the ablation speed for the Nd-Yag, Ar and CO2 lasers which ables us to bring out the effectiveness of each in the ablation process.

Keywords : Biological tissue; Laser; Ablation; Numerical modelization.

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