Fractional factorial design of experiments

for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells performances improvement

A. Tounsi1*, Y. Naimi2

1 Laboratoire d’Environnement, d’Electrochimie et de Réactivité aux Interfaces, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques d’Errachidia, B.P 509 Boutalamine, Errachidia, Maroc

2 Faculté des Science Ben M’sik, Université Hassan II – Mohammedia Casablanca, Maroc

* Corresponding author. Email:

Received : 28 November 2003; revised version accepted : 20 November 2004


Two levels and seven factors fractional experimental design has been carried out in order to improve the power output of a PEM fuel cell. The factors considered are: PTFE/C ratio, Nafion® 117/PTFE ratio, platinum loading, Nafion® 117 sprayed on the active side of the electrode and compaction pressure, temperature and time.

An orthogonal and fractional matrix array was used in order to reduce time execution with sixteen experiments instead of the full fractional design of a hundred and twenty eight experiments.

Optimization of both hydrogen and oxygen electrodes and cell assemblage conditions of solid polymer fuel cell (Nafion 117 as electrolyte) is described.

Keywords: Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell ; Membrane electrode assembly ; Nafion; Design of experiments.

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