Removal of Melassigenic ions By Electrodialysis For Cane Sugar Juice


F. Elmidaoui1, M.O. El Khattabi1, M. El Amrani1, I. Idrissi1, F. Tiyal1, My R. Alaoui Hafidi2, A. Elmidaoui1*

a Laboratory of Separation Processes, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science

University Ibn Tofail, B.P 1246, Kenitra 14000 – Morocco

Tel/Fax 212 737-3033, email:

b SURAC Company, Mechraa Bel Ksiri, B.P 17 –Morocco-

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received: 09 July 2007; revised version accepted: 28 September 2007


     Optimal conditions for carrying out the electrodialysis of the Moroccan cane sugar juice to remove melassigenic ions are determined. The variations of juice parameters (cations contents, ash contents, juice pH and decoloration rate) with electrodialysis parameters (time, flow rates, temperatures, voltages) are followed. A thermostability test of the treated juice was carried out to control its behaviour towards temperature.

Keywords:   Melassigenic ions; Eletrodialysis; Cane sugar juice.

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