Synthesis of new catecholic siderophore-like molecules derived from spermidine

K. Sindi1,2, F. Rezgui,2 P. H. Kahn3*

1 Faculty of Sciences, Department of Chemistry, 6029 Gabes,Tunisia

2 Département de Chimie, Faculté des Sciences, Campus universitaire, 1060 Tunis, Tunisia

3 ITODYS (UMR 7086 - CNRS - Université Denis Diderot), 1, Rue Guy de la Brosse 75005 Paris, France

* Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received: 30 May 2007; revised version accepted:29 June 2007



   With the appearance of drug-resistant strains, new strategies have been developed to deliver drugs into cytoplasm. One of these strategies uses siderophore-drug conjugates, stimulated by the discovery of the naturally occuring Trojan horse albomycin. The synthesis of four new siderophore-like molecules which comprise a carboxylic tether for drug linkage are reported here. Moreover, they address structural questions concerning bis-bidentate siderophore-Iron(III) complexes.


Keywords: Siderophore; Catechol; Spermidine; Ethics; FR401; FR295; Tait’s compound II; Pistillarine; Synthetic; Trojan horse; Albomycin.

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