Spectroscopic property study at low lying spin for 123La nucleus by rotor plus quasiparticle-phonon method 


A. Zaafa1*, J. Inchaouh1, M. K. Jammari2, A. Boulal1, M. Zerfaoui3

1Université Hassan II Mohammedia, Faculté des Sciences Ben M'Sik, B.P. 7955, Casablanca, Maroc

2Université Hassan II Mohammedia, Faculté des Sciences Ain Chock, B.P. 5366, Casablanca, Maroc

3Université Mohamed Premier

* Corresponding author. E-mail: z_zaafa@hotmail.com

Received: 07 October 2013; revised version accepted: 20 November 2014



     The theoretical study of the odd-mass nuclei 123La at low lying excitation energy has been realised by the quasiparticle-phonon plus rotor coupling (QPRM). The two effects of recoil and coriolis force have been included with the hypothesis of a symmetric rotational motion. The deformed average field of Nilsson is renormalized by taking account of the terms  and   coming from the g-quadrupole force.


Keywords:  Pairing interaction; Recoil; Coriolis; Quasiparticle; Rotation.


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