Investigation of electron - excited atom collisions

N. A. Gorbunov2, A. Grochola1, P. Kruk1, A. Pietruczuk1, T. Stacewicz1*

1 Institute of Experimental Physics, Warsaw University,ul. Hoza 69, 00-681 Warsaw, Poland

2 Physics Institute, St.Petersburg State University,

Ulianovskaya 1, 198504 St.Petersburg, Russia

* Corresponding author. Email: or

Received : 11 February 2002; revised version accepted :10 September 2003


We present results of measurements of rate constants for electron impact induced transitions between 2P?3P excited levels of lithium as well as for 3P?4P, 3P?3D and 3P?5S transitions in sodium. The experiment was performed in plasma generated by laser radiation. The plasma was investigated by means of the Langmuir probe method. We present also a novel technique of retrieving of the electron temperature from the voltage – current probe characteristics, suitable for high pressures of the buffer gas.

Keywords: Plasma: Electron – atom collisions; Laser spectroscopy; Electron energy distribution.

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