Oxygen Electrode Reaction on Nanostructured Stabilized Zirconia using Impedance Spectroscopy

A. Touati*, A. Madani, H. Boussetta

Laboratoire de Physique des Matériaux, Département de Physique,

Faculté des Sciences de Bizerte, 7021 Zarzouna , Tunisie

* Corresponding author. E-mail: touatimonaem@yahoo.fr

Received:30 January 2004; revised version accepted : 19 July 2004


The polarisation resistance of La0.80Sr0.20MnO3 deposited by spray pyrolysis method on Nanostructured 4%mol Stabilized Zirconia has been measured, using impedance spectroscopy as a function of temperature (577-907°C) and oxygen partial pressure (2 10-4-1 atm). The aim of these investigations was to identify the mechanism of the oxygen reduction process. Two overlapping arcs could be distinguished in the impedance spectra and the log(1/Rp) vs. log(Po2) plots show a linear region with dependence (at < 10-1 atm) and a second region where the exponent deviates from 1/2 to lower values.

Keywords: Perovskites; Films; Interface; Impedance; ZrO2-Y2O3.


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