Investigation of electron - excited atom collisions
N. A. Gorbunov, A. Grochola, P. Kruk, A. Pietruczuk, T. Stacewicz Abstract  | Article


DIAL pollutant measurements: a new error analysis procedure
M. Dell'Aglio, S. Chudzy ski, K. Stelmaszczyk, O. De Pascale Abstract  | Article
Resolution of scattering problems in free space by the iterative process
M. Azizi, M. Boussouis Abstract  | Article
Numerical simulation of the pulse effects on an immersed turbulent plane jet
S. MarzoukKhairallal, H. Mhiri, G. LePalec, P. Bournot Abstract  | Article
Numerical study of an axisymetric laminar jet with variable density
W. Kriaa, H. Mhiri, G. Le Palec, P. Bournot Abstract  | Article
Similarity states of stably stratified homogeneous turbulence at high Reynolds number
C. Mnasri, T.Lili Abstract  | Article
Optical emissions of AlMg Alloys under Krypton ions bombardment
K. Berrada, J. Fournier, P.-G. Fournier, A. Kaddouri Abstract  | Article
Relations between the internal stresses and microstructure in the hydrogenated amorphous silicon(a-Si:H) samples deposited under various pressures
D. Benlakehal, C. Goncalves, Y. Bouizem, J. D. Sib, A. Zeinert, L. Chahed, K. Zellama Abstract  | Article
An electrical modeling of I.T.O/bPbF2/I.T.O thin film cell
A. Hakam, M. Walia-Allah, A. Dikrallah, Y. Saidi, H. El Rhaleb Abstract | Article

A study of hopping conduction in Si:Sb

L.Essaleh,A. Erramli, E. Choukri , G. Sirmain, J. Galibert, S. Pasquier, J. Léotin Abstract  | Article
Study and realization of the cheap circuits intended for the measurement of the hygroscopy and the temperature under the greenhouse
H. Ait Bouh, B. Bouchikhi,A. Halimi Abstract  | Article
Influence of hydrogen dilution on intrinsic layer of a-SiC:H PIN solar cells
R. Gharbi, M. Abdelkrim, M. Mars, M. Fathallah, C. F. Pirri, E. Tresso Abstract  | Article
Langmuir probe measurement of electrical parameters of a deposition plasma created in HMDSO/Ar mixtures
S. Mouissat, S. Sahli, Y. Segui, P. Raynaud Abstract  | Article

Study of evolution of the thermal phase at low energy in stainless steel

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Fragmentation by electronic impact of some cyanoderivatives of dibenzenic crowns
F. Ammari, A. Ben HadjAmor, F. Meganem Abstract | Article
Fragmentation by electronic impact of some bromonitro derivatives of dibenzenic crowns
F. Ammari, A. Ouerghui, F. Meganem Abstract  | Article
Regioselectivehydrosilylation of allylic derivatives by the siloxanes D4H and MDHM in the presence of platinum catalysts
A. El Malki, A. Hannioui, N. Knouzi, M. Vaultier Abstract  | Article
Behavior of metallic elements (Cu, Cd, Pb and Zn) in three sewage sludge of Marrakech city-Morocco. Analytical study and treatment
S. Bounit, M. El Meray, A. Chehbouni, H. AitHsine Abstract  | Article
Determination of the rate of hard and soft segments in polyurethanes materials by 1H RMN
A. El Idrissi, O. Krim, B. Boutevin, J. P. Parisi Abstract  | Article
Physicochemical properties of n-butylamine solutions of sodium iodide as electrolytes for powerful batteries
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Study of some sugars in aqueous solution by viscometry
H. Kodad, A. Bensafi, A. Unanue Abstract  | Article
A short and facile synthesis of vinylglycine derivatives
M. Bellassoued, J. Grugier, P. Fromentin Abstract | Article
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