Application and improvement of an adsorption model. Investigation of olfactory response curves
M. Khalfaoui, S. Knani, M. A. Hachicha, M. Chaouach, A. Ben Lamine Abstract | Article


Modeling of matrix cracking and delamination damage in a cross-ply laminate
J.-L. Rebière Abstract | Article


Modelisation of the cyclic behavior in the shape memory alloys
Alhamany, O. M. Bensalah, O. Fassi-Fehri Abstract | Article


Temperature effect on H-bonding in liquid N-methylformamide
F. Hammami, S. Nasr Abstract | Article


Electron capture in slow collisions ofNeq+(q = 7, 8, 9 and 10) ions with C60
A. Salmoun, M. A. Misdaq, S. Martin  Abstract  | Article
Fast neutron response of a personal dosimeter based on PN3 track detectors
A. Belafrites, A. Nourreddine, D. Mouhssine, A. Nachab, A. Boucenna Abstract | Article

The result of the photoluminescence in the study of the electrochemical behavior in the basic milieu of a modified electrode InP(n) (with a copper deposit)
N. Moulayat, A. Etcheberry  Abstract | Article

Modeling and characterization of radioelectric propagation channel in tunnel for DIREP system
R. Elassali, A. Ait Ouahman, M. Berbineau, A. Revinq, P. Mariage  Abstract | Article

Performances of data and reservation streams for digital networks
R. El Kouch Abstract | Article

Form effect of particles inclusion on thermal behavior and response time of polymer fuse: HDPE/TiB2
S. Khaldi, M. Hamouni, M. Morsli, A. Bensafi Abstract | Article

Trapped space charges densities determination in a polyethylene conical connexion by the TSM method
E. Belgaroui, Y. Mlik, A. Toureille  Abstract | Article

Experimental and theoretical study of glasses of ternary system Li2O-P2O5-SiO2 synthesized by sol-gel process
F. Bkiri, H. Rabaâ, Ph. Massiot, J. A. Odriozola, M. A. Centeno Abstract | Article

Study of the nonlinear optical properties of indene and benzofuran molecules by using the degenerate four-wave-mixing method
B. Kabouchi, B. Sahraoui Abstract | Article

Impact of convective solar drying on the color and the composition out of free sugars of the cladode, the peel and the fruit of a cactus inerme of Opuntia ficus indica
S. Lahsasni, M. Kouhila, M. Vighon, M. Mahrouz Abstract | Article

Electrocatalysis study of Pt/C, Ru/Pt/C and Sn/Pt/C for the oxygen reduction reaction
Y. Naimi, D. Takky, A. Cherqaoui, A. Ayad, J. Bouet, J.-F. Fauvarque Abstract | Article

Use of the diatomite in the filtration of the rejections liquid manufacturing units of ceramic squares
K. Rizki, A. Mohsine, M. Elmorabit, E. H. Ballouki, H. Toufik, N. Allali Abstract | Article

Analysis of structure-activity relationships for a serie of ACAT inhibitors derived from N-chlorosulfonyl isocyanate
M. Zahouily, N. Hanafi, B. Bahlaouane, A. Rayadh, S. Sebti Abstract | Article

Coadsorption of alkylphenols and triton-X100 onto 
M. Barhoumi, I. Beurroies, R. Denoyel, H. Saïd, K. Hanna Abstract | Article

Physicochemical characterization of some ammonium salts of dithiobenzoïc acid 
M. Barhoumi, A. Mahjoub, H. Saïd Abstract | Article

Study of the adsorption of the meso tetra (N-methyl-4-pyridyl porphine) tetra tosylate on a Moroccan natural diatomite
M. Yamni, M. Z. Benabdallah Abstract | Article

DFT calculations on 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions of indenone
N. Benkaddour, J. A. Dobado, A. Sedqui Abstract | Article
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